The Effective Medication - Mohammad Amin Sheikho & A. K. John Al-Dayrani

The Effective Medication

By Mohammad Amin Sheikho & A. K. John Al-Dayrani

  • Release Date: 2014-05-21
  • Genre: Medical


The commandments of Prophetic Medicine:

- Dosage of pure castor oil

- Enema of water "suspended starch"

How to use this natural medicine, and what are the correct rules of using?

Attachment: the wisdom behind circumcision

"A discuss about the wisdom behind circumcision".

One Doctor asks the Humane Scholar M. Amin Sheikho:

If God is Perfect, why did He create the “glans” which covers the tip of the penis and ordered us to cut it? It causes acute dermatitis. The question relates to the circumcision of the children.

Why has God created this extra glans which has no function, and why has He ordered us to cut it? If it has a function what for is the circumcision? If it has no function why did He create it? Where is the Godly Perfection?