Economies of Knowledge in a Smart World - William Alan Loxley

Economies of Knowledge in a Smart World

By William Alan Loxley

  • Release Date: 2013-09-15
  • Genre: Social Science


Today the global economy is trying to regain high growth across all regions. Many processes are at work to realign labor, capital, and technology in the pursuit of rising living standards. Every country and individual must accommodate complex changes in the distribution of these factors or falter. Knowledge is one such factor affecting growth that is key to understanding changes in the new global economy.  

This book places the process of learning and knowing at the forefront of economic growth and development where the economy is the infrastructure and development is the content and style of nations.. When the collective wisdom of society rises, both growth and development move to self-sustaining levels that impact all economic, political, social, and cultural institutions throughout nations. Working together they permit social evolution to flourish in the global world. 

The book explains no less than how knowledge alters the face of nations once citizens embrace opportunity for self-improvement. On a global basis, collective wisdom can advance humanity. Knowledge is all, and those who master its powers become kings.