I Got Drunk and then Poetry - Mark Petersen

I Got Drunk and then Poetry

By Mark Petersen

  • Release Date: 2013-02-10
  • Genre: Poetry
Score: 4
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These poems were composed while having drinks downtown, enjoying the college-town local nightlife often with a typewriter and sometimes with an ink-pen and a Moleskine notebook. I let myself go, and I wrote a few gems and a whole lot of crap.
I have chosen the gems and applied Hemingway’s advice: “write drunk, edit sober”. My raw poetry was rife with typos and holes and I needed to edit it to make it clear and coherent. But I also didn’t want to overcook it; in my editing I strove to keep each poem faithful to the original so that the emotion and drunkenness would be maintained.


  • I enjoyed it

    By ndarlinggg
    It was short and sweet and made me laugh 😊
  • Amazing

    By Black Feelings
    This is amazing. You are drunk yet it shows you so clearly. Thee author wrote some amazing things in this book. The poems are just more thoughts that have way more meaning than most books.
  • A good read

    By Dab-on
    I was skeptical to read at first but after reading a few lines I started to connect with the writers vision. Definitely worth a look.
  • I Got Drunk and then Poetry

    By Abby Taylor 16
    I loved this piece of writing. It was short but also captured the struggle of artists struggling to pay the bills while also pursuing their passion. It dissects the stereotypes of poetry writers as hipsters when they are really just part of a movement, writing how they feel. It is a yell at society to treat millennials with respect and dignity and creatives souls alike.
  • Coming from an alcoholic poet.

    By angle_kay
    I thought you had some beautiful lines. I definitely want to look into your poetry some more. I would’ve loved some hungover poetry too. The deep emotion of feeling like you’d rather die than sit in the back of a cab on you way to work... ??? If I definitely liked the mention of the “generation” and you’re metaphor for using a car rather than walking spike volumes. Probably my favorite part about the piece. Well done.
  • Hi

    By Iann.grantt
    Understandable but short
  • Great!!

    By Scatterbeams
    I found these poems to be very inspiring. The author did an excellent job,and though I don’t drink, he inspired me to write more poems of my own, and to be less of a perfectionist.
  • It was exactly what I needed but not what I expected.

    By Tera Jones
    I was looking for a good poem, one to make me think, laugh anything to not only pass time but to enjoy. I thought it was going to be funny or stupid so I tried it out. It was beautifully worded and everything I could have wanted in a poem. My favorite was the last one☺️
  • Good work

    By bbygiirlll
    I think you should think more highly of yourself. The generation you come from is made on what you make it. You’re much greater than you make yourself appear if you believe in yourself.
  • Thank You

    By Traebanks11
    I agree with you kind drunken human at a bar. You should always say thank you to art, because otherwise people start to feel useless, unheard, unappreciated. Your short book of poems just wasn’t enough! Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.