EveryoneCanSketch: Volume 2 - Dan Koch

EveryoneCanSketch: Volume 2

By Dan Koch

  • Release Date: 2019-02-07
  • Genre: Education


#EveryoneCanSketch is a concept that was birthed out of my childhood. When visiting my grandparents, my dad and grandpa would often take out a sketchpad, draw a simple line or shape, and challenge my brother and I to “make something out of it.” I thought would scale well with the advent of social media. Weekly, challenges are posted on Twitter via #EveryoneCanSketch - a simple line or shape. Anyone is invited to share what they’ve managed to create from it! This book is a sampling compilation of the wonderful creations of people who've submitted their sketches for #EveryoneCanSketch challenges 6-10. I also cover some tips and tricks to drawing digitally, apps that work well for me, and some pointers if you're just starting out. If your artwork was featured in this book, I've linked to your Twitter handle and appended it to your creations. Happy sketching!