Undefeated - Helen Hardt


By Helen Hardt

  • Release Date: 2019-05-21
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 34 Ratings


"A vampire, his human lover, and their friends and families try to stop a powerful enemy’s devilish scheme in this final installment of an erotic supernatural series." ~Kirkus Reviews

Erin Hamilton follows Dante Gabriel back into hell—the underground compound where he was held for a decade—to confront the woman who held him captive. Finally unmasked, she seems to hold Dante under her influence. Erin has faith in Dante’s strength and determination, though, especially when the mysterious Vampyre Texts reveal their first secret.

Dante struggles to regain his control, even as he grows stronger and the darkness rises within him. He’ll let his captor think she commands him as long as it serves his purpose, but if Erin or anyone else is threatened, all bets are off. He’ll use all his powers against her, whether or not he can master them.

Time is running out, however. Dante must act quickly to free those imprisoned, especially when he learns what his captor has in mind. His new abilities keep those around him protected until she who calls herself Queen plays her trump card. Dante must face one last foe…and only one can emerge undefeated.


  • Undefeated!!!

    By Lexie B 63
    Love this book! It was amazing.... what a page turner!! Answered a lot of things....Seems it was left open ended... could there be another book??? Guessing we will have to wait and find out! Helen is an amazing writer! WOW!!!
  • Undefeated by Helen hardy

    By VQG
    I got to say I liked these chapters a lot more than the previous ones. Not a lot of repetition. I am also happy where it ended as I would be devastated if I didn’t get the answers. I think I can live until next chapters come out. If she chooses to write them, and off course I will get them to. Otherwise I would have to give it my own ending I would much prefer Helen’s though. I do feel that this volume was by far the best on the Dante series.
  • Great Read

    By AshleyHedden
    Undefeated (Blood Bond Saga #13-15) was another great read by Helen Hardt. Erin has followed Dante into his own personal hell, the place that he was held captive. They are there to confront the woman who kept Dante hostage. Un fortunately she still has a hold on Dante that he tries to fight. He allows her to think that she still commands him as long as it serves his purpose. I have absolutely loved reading Erin and Dante's story. I love how well Helen has written these characters so that you fall in love with them. I can't wait to read more by Helen Hardt.
  • Phenomenal

    By PaulaAnn81
    All good things come to an end. So sad this was the final, but so glad to get answers. This series has made me laugh, cry, get frustrated, kept me wondering what next? It has twists and turns and so many WOW moments. Another great series as finale from Helen Hardt!
  • This book is winning!

    By starstacy
    Wow, what an amazing conclusion to Dante & Erin’s saga! This intense finale enthralled me from the first pages until the end! Dante’s journey to master his darkness was masterfully written. Erin’s utter faith, devotion and equality to Dante was beautiful to behold. We do get answers to most questions, & I was happy with them. I have enjoyed this series from beginning to end & definitely recommend it! I received a copy of this ebook from Bare Naked Words PR for my honest review.