Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-love has everything to do with it. - Derrick Jaxn

Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-love has everything to do with it.

By Derrick Jaxn

  • Release Date: 2018-09-25
  • Genre: Philosophy
Score: 5
From 80 Ratings


Ladies, I'm not here to tell you how many secret ways you can bend over backwards to get some man to come and validate you. You've heard enough of that.
Men, I'm not here to tell you how to attract more women in an effort to chase the fulfillment your heart yearns for but you never learned how to keep. You've tried that already. It did not, and still has not worked.

I'm here to tell you how to stop getting mindscrewed, toyed with, and taken for granted. It's killing your hope in love, and likely even eating away at your sense of self. You don't have to admit it to me, and you can hide it from your circle, but deep down, you know. Why am I so sure? Because I've been there before.
I've been on both the receiving and giving end of heartbreak. I've been the bullshitter and the bullshitted. I, like many of you, tried everything to put myself in position where I could never get hurt, but no matter what, I failed because I was already hurting due to my lack of understanding of self-love.
In this book, I take you through not only my personal process in that journey but also the lessons I learned to help me lead millions in that same journey for themselves today. I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm just telling you that if you continue going in circles like you've been doing then it's by choice because I've now given you the map. The rest is on you to make the necessary steps. Just don't forget your crown


  • Very relatable and insightful

    By Ray276!
    I don’t love the book because everyone wants all the answers to relationships. I wanted to read this book because I wanted to understand a little bit more about myself and this book about self love was a kick start. I felt I could relate to the real world problems like everyone else.
  • Amazing read

    By Msg disheveled
    This book seems geared more to single people...BUT, as a married woman, there is so much I was able to get out of every single chapter. The way the author explains everything, so much of what he said either made me take a look at what I was doing or at where I am in life and in my marriage. If you’re on the fence of whether or not to buy this book, jump onto this side and just get it!

    By Nannette Rivera
    I’ve been waiting forever to get my hands on this book. What’s crazy is I’ve been looking for a book like this to read, something to give me insight on why for the last six years of my life I didn’t see my value, why I didn’t walk away from situations. I realized it was me, I mean I could’ve been realized that sooner but every word you wrote woke me up. It showed me that I wasn’t loving myself and all the RED flags I ignored (I kept saying WOW, that’s me I’ve done this I’ve allowed this) and just insight on how to actually love myself was a blessing😍😍 Thank you sooooo much for this book! My only wish is that this book came out sooner so I could’ve avoided years wasted on “boys” lol who never deserved me. I recommend every person to read this book can’t wait to buy more and anything you write I’m buying it! You got my support!!!
  • A must read!

    By anrowley
    I’ve been a supporter of Derrick’s social media videos/commentary for several years now, so I thought it was natural for me to get this book when I heard about it. Definitely worth reading, I even plan to re-read soon, especially the sections I highlighted throughout! It’s fitting for both singles and those in a relationship as it gives you a chance to analyze yourself or the person who’d like to be with or are currently with. Either way, loving yourself comes first no matter your relationship status 😊 looking forward to Derrick’s next book!
  • Love it!!!

    By BlueeyedReina
    I absolutely loved every page in this book. I hadn’t realized just how much I would learn and understand. There was so many things that I felt were speaking directly to me. It’s crazy things that I have learned and excepted bc this is what I thought and being a Leo and never liking to admit I am wrong very often this book showed me just how wrong I was about a lot of things! It’s absolutely amazing and I will keep coming back to it and read it again and again there is so many things to learn and value from this book! Simply amazing!!!!
  • Love it

    By Goaldiggin
    I love this book!!!! I’m mos def going to read a few more times!! Gave me insight on things I’ve never thought about before
  • Right on time..

    By christinealexis3
    Exactly what I needed. I am so emotional right now. I’m trying not to be but tears are flowing because this book hit home for me. Thank you so much for this amazing read & reminder.. 👑 powerful! God Bless & thank you for sharing your gift with us all. 💙
  • Absolutely great book

    By Lucia1214
    It gives you such a great perspective into what the heck a man is thinking. Also the red flags ones should be aware of. It was a thought provoking and a self reflecting book.
  • Loved it!

    By Queen Rickia
    Love every word of this book. Great inspiration as well as insight. Jaxn has a flawless and powerful perspectives that will will allow you to reflect and apply for your own relationships.
  • Self love and acknowledgement IS everything!

    By bcz820
    This book is so great because it teaches you the importance of loving yourself first and having standards so you don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. If your self love isn’t good enough for yourself, it’s going to be hard for anyone to love you or to accept their love.