The Keto Crock Pot Cookbook - Rachel Silverline

The Keto Crock Pot Cookbook

By Rachel Silverline

  • Release Date: 2018-04-21
  • Genre: Special Diet


Do you want to lose weight without having to starve yourself and wasting quality time while cooking? If your answer is yes, then this book was written with you in mind.

Ketogenic diet, originally created to address epileptic seizures in the early 1920's has being widely used for decades by millions of people not just for the management of epileptics but also to lose weight, control blood sugar, increase mental performance and enhance general body energy.

This Keto Crock Pot Cookbook was created for professional and busy people with a user-friendly and easy to use approach.

In this book, you will find how to make the ketogenic diet work for you, how to put your crock pot to effective use and mouth-watering dishes that are simple and easy to prepare under categories such as; beef, chicken, pork, other meats, veggies, soup and more.

Grab a copy today and begin a journey to effortless weight loss and many other health benefits.