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A Brief History of Time

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A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review

Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is about the universe, both the grand-scale universe of stars and planets, general relativity, and the tiny universe of atoms and subatomic particles, quantum mechanics. The reason the book covers both dimensions is that understanding both is the only way to understand the way the universe works as a whole. Some theories explain the workings of the grand scale of the universe and others the workings of the minute scale, but they tend to contradict one another. And, currently, there is no theory that explains both…
PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. 
Inside this Instaread of A Brief History of Time:
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  • Explosion.

    By Rusty M.459
    Stephen Hawking wrote a very...interesting book when he wrote "A Brief History of Time." While I am not sure I believe all the hype about atoms and the big bang and gravitational pull and what not, I will say Hawking brings up many good points, at least from what I can tell from this brief summary of his full book. Some of the key take aways that I found most interesting include... * The universe began with an explosion know as the big bang * Scientists are searching for a unified theory on how the universe works. * There are 3 arrows of time in the universe that flow in the same direction. I am a firm believer the universe did not begin with the big bang or explosion, instead it was created by God's own hand, however, this is a debate that has been going on for centuries and will continue long after we have left this Earth. The main point is this book seems to be well written and semi-researched, neither of the "issues" I have with this book belong being labeled as Instaread issues but instead the author himself is the one I blame. Instareads did a wonderful job putting this summary together and I am thankful they did so that I did not waste my money purchasing the full version of this book. Wonderful job on the 15 minute summary Instareads as always.
  • Disrespect is powerful.

    By Johnnyboy2032
    This is an overview of the actual book “A Brief History of Time .“ Kind of like an abbreviated Cliff's Notes for the full book. It provides a potential reader enough information regarding this book’s content to determine if we want to invest the extra money and time to actually buy and read the entire book. As an avid reader I have personally found “Instaread” to be a very helpful and valuable service. No disrespect intended for Hawking, but, I read this book many years ago and found it to be well-written and current at the time it was originally written, since then, some of Hawking's claims in this book have been scientifically refuted and become obsolete.
  • A clear overview.

    By Silentdarkness19
    A Brief History of Time was first published in 1998, and it has been often discussed ever since. It is a slim, but by no means simple work, and this thin volume won't so much make it easier as give you a broad overview, and thus better bearing coming into the book, and a refresher if you haven't read it since before the turn of the century. This guide adds somewhat to the source text in explaining a 2015 paper by Stephen Hawking altering at least some of what is in Brief History and a rather interesting discussion on time travel between black holes from a Michael Moyer article "The Physics of Time Travel".