Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse - Yari Garcia

Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse

By Yari Garcia

  • Release Date: 2015-10-27
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 5
From 7 Ratings


Full Novel! Yari Garcia is best known for her short stories. Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse is her first full-length novel. Part romance, part adventure, Yari invites you to step inside Bryexe’s enchanted dollhouse.

Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse

Bryexe and Liam have never crossed paths. Liam is the popular, quiet guy who keeps his personal life to himself. Bryexe is the weirdest girl in school. She stands out with her eccentric, gothic look, and students swear she can read minds.

When Liam approaches Bryexe, asking her out on a date because of a bet, Bryexe is pretty offended. Yet, she sees this as an opportunity. If this guy is willing to date her for a few dollars, maybe she can persuade him to help her, for the right price.

Bryexe asks this cute guy to come with her to the enchanted dollhouse, where she is searching for something. She needs Liam’s help to find it. Feeling guilty for accepting a bet he normally wouldn’t, Liam agrees.

When Liam steps into this gothic dollhouse, he is immediately plunged into a world where fantasy and reality comingle and intertwine. What starts as a trip to help Bryexe soon turns into a dangerous adventure that they barely come out of alive. Liam is frightened, yet he can’t help but want to help this odd, mysterious girl. Every day he's with her, he feels more and more attracted to her...

Bryexe and Liam must outsmart the enchanted dollhouse to break its curse, while trying to figure out how they truly feel about each other.